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The "GET CERTIFIED" Challenge


In today’s competitive market you have to set yourself apart. You have spent years learning your job duties and responsibilities. Don’t just stop there, take the next challenge and invest into yourself, advance your career. Get Certified-- and let your credentials speak for themselves. Certification and training develop essential skills. These tools help keep your skills relevant, applicable, and competitive. They play an essential role in preparing the legal professional for our evolving industry. Certification is now an industry standard which is highly recognized by employers and can help open the doors to potential job opportunities, job security, job promotions and it is no secret that salary increases fall into this category as well.

* Spoiler Alert * Certification, training and experience are three of the most important characteristics employers consider when selecting a candidate for a position. Employers have confirmed that candidates who are not certified are dropped from consideration when considered with candidates that are.

Studies have shown that an entry-level employee who holds a certification can earn up to $16,000 more, annually, than their peers. Studies have also shown that the certified legal professionals that took the exams have been recognized as leaders by their employers and peers. These elite few have also disclosed that these tools were used as a stepping stone to job promotions, job security and in their words "gracious" salary increases.

The facts are clear. Now let reasoning take control of your actions. Today is the day to make up your mind to advance your career, demonstrate your skills and be identified by Nals as exceptional in what you do. The exams you pass, the training you receive and certifications you earn become part of your portfolio. Your portfolio is your job insurance. In utilizing these tools effectively, your knowledge level, capabilities and job performance will be increased and recognized by your employer and peers. As an added benefit, your confidence and moral may receive a welcomed boost. What are you waiting for? Join the challenge- Start now!

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