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Membership in the El Paso chapter of the National Association of Legal Professionals (“NALS”) and the Texas Association for Legal Professionals (“TALP”) provides many benefits available to its members, including the opportunity to attend local chapter meetings where quality legal education is offered every month. You also have the opportunity to attend state association meetings, where you will be exposed to some of the top legal experts in our state. Along with the education and professional development opportunities, our members become a family.  Members build life-long friendships with colleagues from around the country and use these friendships to build both professional and personal relationships.


Benefits of Membership


Leadership Opportunities.  There are opportunities for both personal and professional growth through leadership and serving as committee members, chairmen, or officers.  Any member may enhance leadership skills and become a future leader at all three levels through leadership programs offered at little or no cost to members.


Certification.  Professional certification is a career development tool, and EPALP offers study course and training opportunity for members in the El Paso area who wish to enhance their legal skills, advance their careers as legal support professionals, and maximize their potential.


Continuing Legal Education.  The legal profession is constantly changing.  Legal personnel must be up to date with changes in law in order to maintain a high standard of performance and professionalism.  The continuing education available to members keeps them informed and provides many opportunities for professional growth. Legal education is offered by EPALP through monthly meetings.


Networking.  The opportunity to share information and ideas with peers and to obtain business contacts is an added benefit of membership.


Recognition.  Accomplishments are acknowledged through recognition programs and award presentations on the local, state and national levels.


Professionalism.  Increasing your effectiveness, expertise, and skills as a legal support staff professional through education and certification opportunities and enhancing your professional image in the legal field.


Employer Job Listing.  EPALP maintains a database of job listings available to its members of job openings posted by local attorneys, firms, and corporate legal departments at no charge.


National Organization:

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State Organization:

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Local Organization:

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There are two ways for you to apply for membership:

Simply choose the option you are most comfortable with and follow the instructions. Remember that by joining NALS you are agreeing to be bound by NALS Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility as well as the Bylaws and Standing Rules.

Financial Hardship Waiver


We care for each and every one of our members, and we realize that sometimes financial situations unexpectedly change due to unemployment. This Financial Hardship Waiver is to be used by full-time, current, continuing members (no retired, student, or associate dues will be waived) who are unemployed at the time that membership dues are due for renewal. Additionally, we will also request that your current state and local chapter waive your chapter and state dues. Your request will be considered if you are unemployed at the time your dues are due, you are a full-time, current, continuing member, and payment of those dues would create a financial hardship. Waivers will be valid for one year.



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